XL Quartz Tower


Quartz as it is also known, is usually associated with the Moon or Uranus, depending on the ritual being performed and its nature. It is mainly used to enhance divination and communication. When worked under the Moon, it can help enhance protection or channel energies and aid in psychic healing, and when worked under Uranus, the energy represents the fifth element ‘The Spirit’ which can aid in inspiration.

This crystal has been used since ancient times all the way up through to present day by spiritual leaders, healers and scientists and is the most common of stones. It is the ultimate gift of Mother Earth, enhancing any energy that is put into it, back into the world.

This tower measures 144mm from base to point, and weights approx 430g!

The tower you see in this picture is the one you shall receive!

Ritualistic uses -





Spiritual Use


Psychic Abilities



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