Tree Agate Tumblestone


Agate gets its name from the Achetes river in Sicily where it was first found. It is made up of numerous varieties of banded chalcedony, a type of quartz.

Strictly speaking, Tree Agate isn’t entirely an Agate in scientific term as it is not banded, but it is still included in the Agate family.

Tree Agate is also known as ‘Dendritic Agate’ as is usually pale or clear in colour with inclusions of manganese or iron making a pattern within the stone that looks almost fern, or tree like, these are called dendrites.

Known as the stone of plenty, it can help you flourish in wealth or in agriculture depending on the ritual performed. It was associated with the Greek Dryads and Tree Spirits, a stone would be planted in the field at the beginning of the sowing season to help insure a good harvest.

Tree Agate can aid you in realising who you really are, learn your limitations and help in deep meditations.

Ritualistic uses -





Self Awareness

Element - Earth

Zodiac - Gemini

Chakra - Base or Root