Meteorite Pieces - Campo de Cielo


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Beautiful meteorite pieces from Campo de Cielo, situated around 200 miles north-west of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The meteorite craters expands over 60 km, and aged to around 4000 - 5000 years old. The site was first reported in 1576, but was known about long before this time by the local population.

The properties of these pieces can help you to regain past-life memories, and is also used to facilitate shamanic journeying and enhance astral travel and dream healing while being grounded.

Each meteorite piece is under 3mm long.

The image shown is representative and you may receive a stone which is a slightly different size or shape. We pick out each meteorite piece by hand and they are all the highest quality we could find so you needn't fear getting an inferior one. That said if it's important to you to see which one you are buying then please feel free to get in touch and we can send you photos of all the ones we hold in stock for you to choose from.