Rough Apache Tears


A selection of small rough apache tear pieces.

Approx 20mm

Lovely pieces in their natural form. Some use these in their spells for the raw energy that they can bring.

Apache Tear is really a sub-group or type of obsidian; essentially the same stone, both made of volcanic glass and black in color. However, Apache Tears are black obsidian that formed by being thrown up into the air giving them a much less glassy & more rough appearance.


Though they are a type of obsidian, they do have their own properties.

Apache tears are have a strong affinity to help aid with emotional healing, to help with coping with grief.

They are also a strong stone when it comes to grounding and protection - something we all need when we feel most vulnerable during grief.

Ritualistic uses - 






Aids in Emotional Healing

Aids with Grief

Element - Earth and Fire

Planet - Pluto and Saturn

Zodiac - Aries

Chakra - Root