Altar Box


Hand created here at the Magick Shop using a mixture of pyrography and wood dyes and paint, this altar box contains a selection of tools and equipment needed for the standard witches altar.

Inside is lined with purple felt with various pyrographed designs on the outside of the box. It's a natural wooden finish too. Worth £60!

Contents included;

  • The Tarot Deck
  • Witches Spell book Journal and Pen
  • Twisted Wood and Rock Quartz Wand
  • Plain Wooden Incense Holder
  • Quartz Pendulum
  • One of each coloured spell candle (note the green is smaller, due to a different batch)
  • One each of our tumblestones (25!)
  • Set of Hazelwood runes, hand made here at The Magick Shop
  • Small Amethyst Point
  • Small Quartz Point
  • Rough Rose Quartz Piece
  • Rough Quartz Piece
  • Selection of 6 Herbs
  • Mini Shells
  • Pot Bellied, Cat iron Cauldron with Triple Moon Design

These items listed above, alone come to just under £125 together!


Exterior - L - 34.5 cm / W - 26.4cm / D - 11cm

Total cost would be £185, we are selling it for £150!