Poppy Does Crafts

*Poppy Does Crafts*


This amazing Lincolnshire artisan is a creator of all things cute, mini and awesome! I'll let her introduce herself...
"Hi there! I'm Hannah, but I also go by Poppy. I'm an artist that makes all sorts of stuff, but I'm known most for making tiny sculptures the most. I also do sewing, painting, sketching and lots more!
I have fibromyalgia , but I have learnt to work with my condition so I can keep creating art!"
Poppy does amazing work, and I highly recommend you check out her Etsy page and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!
Her videos are incredible, and very calming to watch, too!


Etsy Page - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PoppyDoesCrafts

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/poppy__craft/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PoppyDoesCrafts/