About Us

The Magick Shop is a small Pagan craft business based in the Lincolnshire countryside. It’s run by Natasha and Laurence with help from Alice (Creative Consultant and Supportive Best Friend), Morris the cat and Winston and Lily the rabbits!

All six of us do this because we love it so we only source and stock the best items we can find. Running a business where we look after our customers properly and provide quality products is a point of pride for us. Could we make more money belt-feeding out cheap import tat? Probably. But that's not why we started a Pagan shop.

Many of our items are handmade in the UK and are unique to us. We always try to use sustainably sourced natural materials and we never buy items or materials which were made using sweatshop labour.

We don’t expect you to go it alone so we’ve filled our site with as much information as we could think of and written a series of guides to inspire your journey. If you want more then you can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to get new content as soon as it’s written. If you need answers or advice straight away and you can’t find a post that covers what you need then drop us an email and we’ll write a new guide just for you.