Dragon's Blood Incense (Dracaena Draco)


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Famous for it's rich red colour, Dragon's blood has been used for thousands of years. It produces a rich scent when burned and makes an excellent dye or pigment. Dragon's blood can be used to add power to rituals or used in the consecration of tools. Dragon's blood is associated with strength, courage and fortitude.

There are now a number of powders and resins sold as Dragon's Blood, most from various sub-species of rattan. The Dragon's Blood that was referred to by the Ancients and in Medieval grimoires was a resin from the genus Dracaena. This is unrelated to the modern alternative 'dragon's blood' varieties. These various different resins make a wonderful wood dye and are often much cheaper but for ritual use we've decided to stock only Dracaena Dragon's Blood.

Dragon's Blood Incense is supplied in a reusable glass clip-top jar containing 20g of powder.