Complementary and 'Alternative' Medicine Posted on 13 Aug 02:01

We recognise that many in the Pagan community use alternative healing. We are also aware that many of our products may be of interest to non-Pagan healing practitioners. Unfortunately none of us at The Magick Shop are qualified in either complementary or conventional medicine and we are therefore not able to provide advice on any possible medical use of our products.

The information provided on our website relates to symbolic and magickal use only and this should be thought of as analogous to other religious rites: A spell for healing is no more a medical treatment than a prayer, a bath in the Ganges or a Christian communion.

We strongly believe that although some non-conventional healing methods can be very beneficial they should never be used as an alternative to proven treatment. Put bluntly conventional medicine is not a single approach to healing, it is simply the name given to everything that can be proved to work. Any treatment which lies outside of conventional medicine does so because it does not live up to this standard.

If you decide to use a non-conventional method alongside conventional medicine please seek the advice of a trained therapist. Although many methods use natural materials this does not mean that they are without risk or automatically safe: Arsenic, deadly nightshade and wolfsbane are excellent examples of natural substances that will kill if misused. Less deadly materials are sometimes still more than capable of causing chemical burns, non-lethal poisoning or other injuries.

If you are turning to alternative healing because of a lack of trust in the pharmaceutical industry then you may be interested in the All Trials campaign. They are a mainstream movement making real progress in forcing the Big Pharma companies to accurately report the results of their trials and stop suppressing results which highlight concerns about their products. There are people from all walks of life, including conventional doctors, who agree that the system is needs to be improved. If you don't trust modern medicine don't give up on it: help to change it.

Get well soon!