Moon Magick Posted on 30 Jul 21:39

Moon Magick

Just as the moon influences the tides and effects the rhythm of nature, it can also influence the everyday rhythm of our lives.

I’m sure we’re not the only ones who notice how a full moon can make people a wee bit more eccentric than they usually are, as I'm sure that we're not the only ones who notice how calming a moon can be when bathing in its light.

So, below we have put together some simple and very basic ways to use the phases of the moon within your rituals and daily lives. Hopefully you’ll find some of our tips helpful, though if you do have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Moon Magick - Facts

The moon completes a full lunar cycle every 29.5 days roughly. That’s the New Moon to the Full Moon and back again.

During the lunar cycle where the moon is going from New to Full, it is known as ‘waxing’, when it goes from Full to New, it is called ‘Waning’. Basically Increasing (waxing) and Decreasing (waning).

And no, the moon is not made from cheese. Heartbreaking yet true.

Lunar Phase - New Moon/Dark Moon

During this phase, the moon is not visible from the earth as the sun's not shining on the side that is facing us.

Think of this phase as the ‘reset button’. This is the time where you should plan your lunar cycle, set your goals and intentions clearly. Treat this phase is like building the cornerstone for the rest of the month or like planting seeds of a fruit tree. By the end of the lunar cycle you want your fruit to be plentiful or your building strong because you have achieved its care by planning ahead. 

It is a good time to cleanse your tools and ritual area, or your home of unwanted energies. A great time to meditate and set your goals for this cycle, plan your time and prepare anything that needs preparing.

Lunar Phase - Waxing Moon

This phase includes the  waxing crescent moon,first quarter moon and waxing gibous moon. It’s the perfect time to work rituals where you want to increase or construct things, perhaps growth within your life, within your relationships, it’s also the perfect time to work healing spells, protection spells, fertility spells and attracting magick.

As the moon gains light, we gain strength and energy.

Lunar Phase - Full Moon

This is when your magick and energy is at its fullest (just like the moon). We are naturally accelerated, our spirit is more connected to the Earth and elements, our magick is at its strongest.

This moon phase can be used upto 3 days prior and after the rise of the full moon, and is particularly perfect for strengthening divination and dream spells, creating strong protection spells or to banish unwanted emotions and energies influencing your life.

As mentioned above, when the moon is at its fullest, our magick is at our strongest. So if during the new and waxing phases you were preparing a spell for healing, protection or anything that needs strengthening, now is the time to cast it.

Lunar Phase - Waning Moon

As the waxing moon is good for building and strengthening, the waning moon is good for dispelling and banishing.

This phase includes the waning gibbous, third quarter and waning crescent moon phases.

Minor banishing can be used during the waning gibbous stages - so perfect time to start cleansing your home, your ritual area and even your tools and ritual items if you plan on working on a different type of spell for this part of the lunar cycle.

During the third quarter stage, we can concentrate more on getting rid of certain road blocks that are stopping you progressing in life, spells used in transitioning are also particularly strengthened during this phase.

For the final phase known as waning crescent, our magick is best used in dealing with stronger banishing and cleansing spells. This is a good time to end anything that might be disruptive for you in the future, and for spells which will aid you in banishing unwanted energies quickly.

This is a basic guide to moon magick, and we suggest taking this information and then going on to research further as there are more specific uses for the phases of the moon which is dependant on the spell and the path you are following. Any questions or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.