Getting Started With Pendulums Posted on 5 Nov 23:44

Rose quartz crystal pendulum dowsing a set of options over an oak board.

A pendulum is a weight hung from a cord or chain allowing it to move freely. They are used to answer questions or to help aid you in making decisions, but they can also be used to help you find lost items, cleanse and dispel negative energy in a room and assist in finding water and ley lines.

Because a pendulum is so simple you can easily make one yourself. Got a shoelace and something you can use as a weight? Then you have a pendulum. Weights can be made from wood (worked or unworked), stones & pebbles and even metal objects. If you fancy something a bit better looking than a shoelace then you can get fine chain from a craft shop, use spare ribbon or leather cord.

As well as being able to create quick, improvised pendulums from whatever you have to hand you can also create a more permanent one that is unique to you. Most people will end up using several different pendulums, usually a mix of bought and made ones.

Buying a Pendulum.

Find a pendulum that calls to you, one that either seems most suited to you, or most suited to the situation. There are almost as many ways to do this as there are pendulums!

If you’re looking at a crystal pendulum (the most common type) then you can find a crystal that corresponds with either yourself (like a favorite crystal or a birthstone), or if you have a specific purpose for it you can find a crystal that works with the type of questions you intend to ask (such as picking a rose quartz pendulum to ask about love).

If you would rather be a bit more hands on you can pick up individual pendulums and see how they respond to you. You will probably find that one is particularly ‘lively’ when you hold it. If you’re buying online then you can use other dowsing methods, or even a homemade pendulum, to find the right one.

Sometimes of course none of this is necessary and you'll know that the right pendulum is *that one* the second you see it!


Cleansing a Pendulum

Once you’ve got your pendulum in your hands you should complete a simple cleansing ritual to dispel any energy the pendulum has picked up either by using smoke from incense, by using salt or by using crystals.

To use incense, pass the pendulum through the smoke turning it as though you were rinsing it. To use salt simply submerge the pendulum in the salt and say a brief blessing. If you would like to use crystals you can arrange quartz around the pendulum and leave it to purify - quartz points or clusters are best.

Establishing answers.

Before you begin using the pendulum your final step is to establish how the pendulum answers you. Think of some simple yes or no questions that you know the answer to and hold the pendulum loosely by the chain or string. Look at how the pendulum reacts and take note on which way it moves for each answer, in my case for example,

Yes - It swings in a large circle.

No - It swings from side to side.

Maybe - It swings in very small circles, similar to yes.

Unknown - This can vary between moving all over the place to not moving at all.

You might well find that different pendulums will answer you in different ways so it might be worth making a note of the answers in a journal if you intend to use more than one pendulum in the future!

Using a Pendulum

To do a basic reading you can either ask your pendulum a question and see how it responds or write the question on a piece of paper and hold the pendulum over it. If you carried out the exercise above you should have a good idea of how to interpret the way it swings.

To do a more complicated reading you can write several questions, ideas or options down on different pieces of paper and hold the pendulum over them. The more complicated the reading the more muddled the response can get so you might find it useful to carry out a simple reading first and then slowly add more options and questions.

If you find you’re getting muddled or unclear answers you might have made the question too complicated, too quickly. If you're sure that you haven't been moving too fast then you can try to cleanse the pendulum again. If you are still getting no luck on your third attempt then your question can’t be answered straight away. There’s no harm in trying again another day so don’t fret, with a bit of patience and some thought about which question to ask you’ll have your answer soon ;)

...and another thing

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